Malana, an ancient village in Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, is one of the oldest democracies in the world.

The Malanese have always lived in their monoculture and never felt the need to come in to the contact with the civilization around, everything they needed, they got it from the mountains.
For centuries they have been practising the barter system within the village. Though many people consider them the descendants of Alexander, but they call themselves devotees of the deity Rishi Jamblu. They have some norms for the village, following peculiar caste-ism and a no tolerance policy for outsiders.

But these aren’t the exact reasons for the attention that Malana has got in the recent years. The main reason is the top most quality of marijuana cream aka ‘Malana Cream’ produced in the village. A lot of connoisseurs, visit the village looking for the product and it is one the main sources of income for the villagers.

The business was brisk but soon it influenced the demography of the village. Due to the rapid commercialization, this small village had to face some issues with no immediate solutions such as lack of a proper disposal system for all the plastic garbage that visitors littered here and there in the village, shortage of drinking water, legal troubles with local police, the ‘‘impurities’’ and a careless attitude that outsiders carried along with them in the village.

As a result of all the turmoil, in 2017, the villagers announced the village closed for all the outsiders.

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